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When requesting a loan, most banks will ask for documentation.
One of the most frequent ways of purchasing an estate is through a loan.
Loans are meant for buying a house or apartment, building, reconstructing, adapting the building item.

When issuing a loan, most banks request following documentation:

-copy of a personal document (with JMBG)
-recent paycheck lists attested by employer
-PK1 card for this and last year attested by employer and tax office
-retirees need a receipt on the pension attested by HZMO
-copy of account card

With all this documentation the bank will ask for a copy of land registry for the estate the loan is for (not older than 15 days). The estate must be enlisted in the register and its value must be evaluated by a certified court officer which is often suggested by the bank itself.

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We are a real estate agency who has run its business successfuly for more than 10 years. The area we cover is Novigrad and its wider surroundings. Novigrad is a small place so we are acquainted with each house and its owner personally. We can guarantee you legal as well as building quality. We run our business the same way as other agencies - we mediate the existing offer and give special importance to the system of searching real estates in accordance with requirements of the buyers.

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